A is a boy driven by curiosity. He believes that there is a mystery behind almost every single mundane thing (sometimes he is even right!) and is willing to find the truth, whatever that even means. An extremely paranoid individual, prefers to be called “A” rather than by his real name, as to protect his identity (nobody really cares). Some things that A would say:
  • “How the hell did we end up here and how the hell will we get out?”
  • “I don’t know how this works, but it isn’t a bad time to figure it out”

And K is driven by adventure. He is excited by whatever it is that exists beyond what the eye can see. He thinks that the world is full of secrets just waiting to be uncovered, although he may be more optimistic on that than what is prudent. Some things that K would say:
  • “If it works it isn’t stupid!”
  • “I was pretty sure we wouldn’t survive that!”